Stormwater Management Facilities

Purpose of Stormwater Facilities

The primary function of stormwater management facilities (SWMF) is to collect stormwater in neighbourhoods, remove sediment, and reduce flooding of streets and yards during heavy rainfall or spring run-off. A secondary benefit is that SWMF can be used by birds and animals for food and shelter.

Stay Off Stormwater Facilities

Special care should be taken around SWMF. These facilities are not safe for any use, including sledding, skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and walking. They can be mistaken for a pond, but a closer look will help you understand why they are not safe to be one.

Once frozen, stormwater facilities may look safe but moving water is continuously flowing below the ice surface. This means that some areas may have ice while other areas may have little to no ice, making the SWMF very dangerous.

Stormwater facilities also experience fluctuating water levels, varied water quality (i.e. salt from roads and other pollutants), and temperature changes from weather conditions making these facilities unpredictable and not safe for use.

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PSSST! Your community pond has a secret. It's not a pond at all. It's a stormwater facility and it's unpredictable ice thickness make it unsafe for all activities. Pass it on.

Safe Outdoor Ice Surfaces

The City of St. Albert offer residents a variety of outdoor boarded rinks and social ice surfaces throughout the city.

Find safe recreational ice surfaces to visit this winter

St. Albert Stormwater Management Facilities

Unsure if there is a stormwater management facility in your neighbourhood? The map below identifies the stormwater facilities in St. Albert. Keep off any waterbody you are unable to identify.

City of St. Albert Stormwater Ponds Location Map

View Larger Stormwater Ponds Location Map

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Last edited: December 21, 2020