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City of St.Albert
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Brown Garbage Cart

The City of St. Albert uses a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) garbage system. The PAYT program allows residents to choose a size of Brown Garbage Cart based on usage and each size of cart has a corresponding fee associated with it. Sizes and fees are as follows:

  • Small (60 L) Brown Garbage Cart (rate: $1.16/month)
    The small (60 L) cart has a capacity of approximately one standard garbage bag*

  • Medium (120 L) Brown Garbage Cart (rate: $4.87/month)
    The medium (120 L) cart has a capacity of approximately two standard garbage bags*

  • Large (240 L) Brown Garbage Cart (rate: $10.04/month)
    The large (240 L) cart has a capacity of approximately four standard garbage bags*

    * A standard 76 cm x 86 cm or 30" x 34" bag

More information on the utility rates (flat fee, recycling, organics, etc.) can be found in the Account & Rates section.

All homeowners in St. Albert subscribe to the City's Brown Garbage Cart program. The exception is some multi-family complexes, apartment buildings or homeowner associations who have an agreement with the City to opt out of the program in favour of private garbage collection through a contractor.

What if I have more garbage than will fit inside the Cart?

If you consistently have more garbage than will fit into your Brown Garbage Cart, please contact Utilities Services to request a larger sized cart.

"Extra Garbage" Tags

If you have additional garbage above your subscription level, you can purchase "extra garbage" tags at City Hall, Fountain Park Pool or Servus Place. These tags cost $2.25 each and can be placed on garbage bags and dropped off at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot (7 Chevigny Street). Please note that tags can not be purchased on-site.

Residents must use black or green garbage bags. The maximum size for a garbage bag is 76 cm x 86 cm or 30" x 34" . Each bag must not weigh more than 23 kg (50 lbs).

Frequency of Collection

Your Brown Garbage Cart is collected once every two weeks on your household's designated waste collection day.

Please refer to the Collection Schedule for specific details.

Tips for Collection

  • Please place your Brown Garbage Cart out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on your household's waste collection day. Place the cart facing forward into the center of the street, as indicated by the arrows on the lid.
  • Please ensure the cart lid is fully closed. This helps prevent litter from spilling on the street.
  • Avoid stuffing or cramming material into the cart, as this can cause materials to become stuck.
  • Please place the Brown Garbage Cart a minimum of one metre (three feet) away from any obstacles, in order to ensure safe collection. Generally, an arms-length is good distance marker.

What Goes in the Brown Garbage Cart?

See the Be Waste Wise: "What Goes Where" Quick Sorting List

For more information about the Brown Garbage Cart program, please see the Garbage FAQ's.

Last edited: January 4, 2018

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