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City of St.Albert
Green Organics Cart Header Image

Green Organics Cart

The City of St. Albert provides all households and a small number of multi-family homes and condo complexes with a Green Organics Cart for use in the curbside program. Residents can utilize the carts to dispose of organic material such as grass and food waste, to be converted into compost.

There is no cost difference between the Medium (120 L) and the Large (240 L) Green Organics Cart. Options are provided to meet varying household needs with food scraps and leaf and yard waste.

To request a change in size, repair or replacement, please contact the City of St. Albert’s Utilities Services at 780-459-1520, Option 2, or complete the online request form at Change, Repair or Replace Carts.

Frequency of Collection

Your Green Organics Cart is collected on your household's designated waste collection day:

  • Every week from April to the end of October
  • Every two weeks from November to the end of March

Please refer to the Collection Schedule for specific details.

Tips for Collection

  • Please do not place any non-compostable material (such as plastic bags or metal) in the Green Organics Cart as it degrades the quality of compost and could even result in rejected collection.
  • Please place the Green Organics Cart a minimum of one metre (three feet) away from any obstacles, in order to ensure safe collection. Generally, an arms-length is good distance marker.
  • Do not pack material into the Green Organics Cart, as it can become stuck. Remember that in changing temperatures or with condensation you will need to make sure the material in your cart is loose prior to pick-up. Please shake the cart or put a shovel down the side to loosen the material.
  • Do you need a food scraps container for your Green Organics Cart? Visit the Public Works - Jack Kraft Facility (7 Chevigny Street) during office hours to pick up a container. Limit of one per household. For St. Albert residents only. Photo ID may be requested. 

  • Create a newspaper liner for your food scraps container. Once the liner is full, empty it into your Green Organics Cart. See the Organics Origami - Paper Liner instructions to learn how you can make your own liners.

  • Compostable bags are not required for collection; however, if you do use them please ensure the packing contains a certified compostable logo. Please see the pictures below. 

What Goes in the Green Organics Cart?

See the "What Goes Where?" Sorting List

Acceptable Unacceptable
Bread and baked goods Clothes and textiles
Coffee grounds and filters Electronics
Cooled and solidified grease Garbage
Dairy products Hazardous materials
Eggs and egg shells Plastic bags, wrappers & wrap
Facial tissue, napkins and paper towels Single use, to-go cups (e.g. coffee)
Flour, grains and dough    
Fruit and vegetables and peelings    
Grass, leaf and yard waste (e.g. branches, flowers, plants, etc.)    
Meat products and bones    
Paper food containers and soiled & greasy pizza boxes    
Pasta and rice    
Pumpkins and jack o'-lanterns    
Shredded paper    

Last edited: January 17, 2019

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