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City of St.Albert
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WasteWise Holiday Tips

Welcome to the City of St. Albert’s 12 Days of WasteWise Holiday tips! Learn ways to reduce your waste this season when shopping, wrapping gifts and celebrating the holidays.

Day 1

It's getting chilly out there! If you have any extra winter clothes such as scarves, mittens, and hats that you no longer need, don’t throw them out – consider donating them so someone can stay warm this holiday.

Day 2

When shopping for decorations this holiday, pick quality products that will last several seasons. If you no longer need the decorations, share or swap with friends!

Day 3

Give experiences and share memories that don’t need wrapping! Gift concert tickets, plan an outing or take a friend for a nice dinner.

Day 4

Give handmade items as gifts, such as holiday cookies or soaps and put them in reusable containers.

Day 5

How do you know something will last? When it already has! Pass on a family heirloom, or something you cherish from your childhood. It will make for a memorable gift.

Day 6

Take up a hobby together! Or pass on a skill such as teaching a loved one how to knit or play an instrument. No gift wrap required!

Day 7

Read any good books lately? Re-gifting a book is a great way to share that experience with someone you care about, while ensuring the book itself is put to good use.

Day 8

Wrap gifts using reusable materials like a scarf or cloth bag.

Day 9

Skip the bows and ribbons! These decorations cannot be recycled. If you do receive gifts with bows and ribbons, try to reuse them. If you can’t, they should go in the garbage.

Day 10

Old Christmas lights can be dropped off at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot for safe disposal.

Day 11

Before recycling, use old Christmas cards to create gift tags.

Day 12

Remember after the holidays to put wrapping paper (no foil, glitter or tissue paper) and cardboard boxes into your Blue Recycling Bag. 

Last edited: December 10, 2018

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