Smoke Testing

The City of St. Albert will be performing smoke testing in the Grandin area of St. Albert in September 2019. The City has contracted this project out to InfraHydro. 

Smoke testing is part of a proactive approach to test sewage infrastructure and roof drain connections to keep our city running smoothly for years to come. The test involves dispersing smoke throughout sewer lines to locate holes where groundwater and/or stormwater may enter.  During the test, crews blow air and smoke into the sanitary sewer system through manholes in the street to monitor where the smoke escapes the system. This examination will help determine the sources of excess surface water into the sewer system. 

The smoke used is non-toxic and odourless and is harmless to humans, pets, food and material goods. The test will take approximately thirty minutes to complete. During the test, it is normal for smoke to discharge from plumbing vents on your roof. It is very rare for the smoke to enter your home or building; however, if your plumbing is faulty or your drain traps are dry, the smoke may enter through your plumbing. To be proactive, please pour water into all of the drains in your building or house, before the dates indicated for the test. 

Learn which areas of Grandin will be tested by viewing the map below.

Smoke Testing Areas Map

Smoke Testing FAQs

Smoke Testing MSDS

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Last edited: September 14, 2020