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City of St.Albert
Water Meter Replacement Program Header Image

Water Meter Replacement Program

Advanced Water Meters are Coming!

Citywide Water Meter installations will begin December 2017, with an anticipated completion date of March 2019.

The City of St. Albert has established a Water Meter Replacement Program in order to provide better service to our residents. The meters will provide you the opportunity to easily monitor your water usage, real time leak alerts, high usage notifications, and will allow the City to quickly and easily perform meter reading. These new meters will support the City’s goal of reduced water consumption identified in the Environmental Master Plan. To facilitate the installations, the City has contracted Neptune Technology Group to install and replace the meter in your home at no charge to you.

The Installation Process

Installations will be carried out on an area by area basis. As installers move into your area, you will receive by mail an informational brochure, which contains booking information along with details about the program. When you receive a brochure from Neptune Technology Group, you will be asked to schedule an appointment within two weeks.

Quick and Convenient

Meter installation appointments can be made to fit your schedule. The work typically takes 45 – 90 minutes to complete. The transmitter will be installed on the outside of your home. This will allow The City of St. Albert Utility Services to read the water meter from outside of your house and will eliminate the need for the meter reader to gain access to your property to read the meter. 

Prior to the Installation 

Please ensure the area around the existing water meter is clear and accessible. In addition to clearing this space, please leave ample room for the installer to work. Your existing shut-off valve should be located where the water service comes into your house. Check your main water shut-off valve to make sure it is operable. 

The Water Meter Replacement Program is important toward giving you (our residents) better, more timely information on your water usage. If you have any questions or concerns, please email We look forward to your support and co-operation to make this program a success. 

About Neptune Technology Group

Neptune is a trusted resource having installed millions of water meters from coast to coast.  To learn more about Neptune, visit

Why Is Conserving Water Important?

Conserving water saves money for all of us!
The need for upgrades or new infrastructure to deliver and treat water can potentially be delayed or eliminated. It also means less water goes to treatment facilities, saving energy and money.

Conserving water leads to energy conservation!
Energy is used more efficiently because less energy is required to heat water and pump potable water and wastewater.

Conserving water is environmentally friendly!
Reducing water use helps to preserve and protect the habitat of fish and wildlife

Water Conservation Tips

How Do Water Meters Help Conserve Water?

Water meters make people aware about their water use
When people are charged for their actual measured use, they tend not to waste it, thereby reducing their overall water consumption.

Water meters help identify leaks
Leaks can constitute a significant portion of a utility’s water consumption.

Frequency (RF) Emissions

FAQ's About R900 Radio Frequency (RF) Emissions

Frequently Asked Questions
Why does my water meter have to be replaced?

The typical life of a meter is up to 20 years, and they eventually need to be replaced. Also, advances in metering technology make it easier and more efficient to obtain readings.

What is the deadline for booking appointments?

To ensure timely completion, you must call to book an appointment within 2 weeks after receiving your information notice. An adult at least 18 years of age must be home at all times during the installation.

Do I have to pay for the meter?

There is no charge for the water meter or the replacement of the meter.

What do I do if I get a high water bill?

Your water bill reflects household consumption. However, it is recommended that you check you’re inside plumbing for any potential leaks (i.e. - running toilets or dripping taps.)

Who is responsible for maintaining the meter?

The City of St. Albert Utilities Department is responsible for any future water meter maintenance, provided you, the owner, take reasonable precaution to prevent any damage to it. It is illegal to tamper with the water meter.

How do I know the meter reading is accurate?

The water meters are factory tested and exceed the standards for accuracy set by the American Water Works Association.

Who do I contact in an emergency situation?

For water meter related emergencies, please call 1-800-667-4387.For all other water related emergencies, contact 780-459-1557.

How do I recognize my water meter technician?

Every authorized Neptune technician will be uniformed and carry identification including name, picture and identification number.

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Can I install the meter myself?

As part of the metering contract, you (or anyone in your household) are not allowed to install your own meter, even if the individual is a licensed plumber. Neptune is responsible for performing all installations.

Last edited: January 22, 2018

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