Blue Recycling Bag

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The City of St. Albert provides the Blue Recycling Bag program to all single-family households and some multi-family homes and condo complexes. Residents can place an unlimited number of Blue Recycling Bags out for collection on their household's waste collection day.

What Goes in the Blue Recycling Bag?

Download the "What Goes Where?" Quick Sorting List or search for specific items using the tool below.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

Changes for Blue Recycling Bag

The recycling program in St. Albert changed as of November 1, 2018. Due to new global restrictions on recycled material, municipalities throughout the Edmonton Region and beyond are adapting to the changing market for recyclables.

Common items such as glass bottles and jars, single-serve ‘to-go’ coffee cups and clamshells are not accepted in the Blue Recycling Bag. Material that cannot be recycled should be placed in the Brown Garbage Cart or the Green Organics Cart, depending on the item. Glass bottles and jars are still accepted at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot.

oops orange stickerUnfortunately, if an item cannot be made into a new product, it cannot be collected for recycling. Before the program changes, many collections were contaminated with unacceptable items such as plastic bags, wrappers, plastic toys, and food residue or liquids. Unacceptable materials, including food residue and liquids, compromised the clean recycling.

Please ensure that all recycling items are placed inside a see through blue bag. Contents of blue bag should be clearly visible for collection.  Opaque bags may be rejected due to contamination and safety concerns. 

To learn more about what is accepted in the Blue Recycling Bag, please see the chart below or view the "What Goes Where?" Sorting List

Residents are encouraged to learn more about how to reduce waste by using reusable items such as coffee mugs, utensils and grocery bags instead of single-use items. Glass jars can also be reused for crafts and home storage.

Frequency of Collection

Blue Recycling Bags are collected every week throughout the year on your household's designated waste collection day.

Please refer to the Collection Schedule for specific details.

Tips for Collection

  • Corrugated cardboard can be flattened and placed underneath the Blue Recycling Bag. Please keep the cardboard dimensions to a maximum of 3 ft by 3 ft
  • There is no limit to the number of Blue Recycling Bags a household can set out
  • Blue Recycling Bags must not exceed 15 kgs (33 lbs) per bag
  • Please remember to place the bags out by 7:00 a.m. on your household's waste collection day
  • Items must be empty, clean, and dry. No food or liquid residue
  • Numbered triangles on items do not mean the item is recyclable, but that it is made with plastic content
  • A "handy" tip - you can recycle lids the size of your palm or larger. Anything smaller, such as bottle caps and pumps should be placed in the Brown Garbage Cart. These items are too small and will fall between the equipment at the recycling facility

Acceptable vs. Unacceptable List

checkmark  Boxboardxmark  Plastic bags, wrappers & wrap
checkmark  Books (with hard and softcovers removed)xmark  Styrofoam blocks, cups, packing peanuts & trays
checkmark  Bottle deposit containers (not including glass)xmark  Non-packaging plastic (e.g. laundry baskets, lawn chairs & toys)
checkmark  Corrugated cardboardxmark  Glass bottles, jars and containers (Accepted at the Recycling Depot)
checkmark  Flattened milk jugsxmark  Single-use cups (e.g. yogurt, pudding & sauces) and to-go cups (from coffee, fountain drinks & smoothies)
checkmark  Food cans & tins xmark  Shredded paper, napkins, tissues, paper towels & tissues paper (Accepted in the Green Organics Cart)
checkmark  Hard plastic tubs, bottles, lids & containers (e.g. shampoo, ketchup, sour cream, etc.)xmark  Plastic clamshell packaging
checkmark  Magazines & phone booksxmark  Chip cans & spiral wound containers
checkmark  Newspapers & flyersxmark  Non-deposit Tetra Pak containers
checkmark  Office paper, envelopes, craft paperxmark  Plastic dishware, ceramics & glassware
checkmark  Paper egg cartonsxmark  Coffee pods & drink pouches
checkmark  Paper greeting cards and gift wrap (no tissue paper, foil, glitter or decorations)xmark  Single-use plastic straws & utensils
 xmark  Scrap metal and construction & demolition materials
 xmark  Electronics and hazardous waste

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Last edited: August 4, 2023