Winter Collection Tips

Please remember the following curbside collection tips this winter.

Brown Garbage Cart and Green Organics Cart

  • Place carts a minimum of one (1) metre (three feet) apart from each other or any object except for nearby snowbanks.
  • Place carts with arrows pointing to the center of the road. Do not place carts behind objects, or on the top of/in snowbanks.

Cart placed on snowbank and not on even ground      Carts not spaced properly (less than 1 m from obstructions)

  • Do not pack material into the cart, as it can become stuck. Reminder in changing temperatures or with condensation, you will need to make sure the material in your cart is loose before collection. Please shake the cart or put a shovel down the side to loosen the material. 

Placing shovel down side of cart to loosen materials 

  • To prevent organics from freezing to the Green Organics Cart:
    • Line the cart with cardboard or newspaper.
    • Wrap food scraps in newspaper or paper towels.
    • Create a newspaper liner for your food scraps container. Once the liner is full, empty it into your Green Organics Cart. See the Organics Origami - Paper Liner instructions to learn how you can make your own liners.
    • Use certified BPI compostable bags.

Blue Recycling Bag

  • Place Blue Recycling Bags in an easily accessible area, not on top of large snow piles.
  • Only blue coloured bags are acceptable. Blue bags are visible in winter weather conditions.

Cart Placement During Roadway Snow Removal

Cart distances

During scheduled snow removal, please place your carts at the end of your driveway within 30 cm or 1 ft from the road.

Learn more about the City's snow clearing policy and priorities.


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Last edited: February 17, 2021