Ditch the Bag on Your Lawnmower this Summer and Start Grasscycling!

Grasscycling, or leaving your grass clippings on the lawn, is a simple and easy way to improve your lawn's health and appearance while saving you the time and effort you'd normally put into bagging and disposing of your clippings.

Whether you’re a grasscycling pro, or just looking to get started for the first time, request your very own lawn sign in the form below so you can show off this environmentally friendly habit to all your neighbours.

Plus, be sure to check out the rest of the page for lots of helpful tips on why you should grasscycle and how to get started for all our first timers.

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How Do I Grasscycle?

Grasscycling is as simple as mow and go! Remove the bag from your mower and leave the clippings on the lawn. 

Mow High: Cut the grass to 1/3 the length of the grade blades.

Mow Often: Mow about every 4-5 days during the growing season and about once a week in the shoulder season. If your lawn gets too long, consider double-cutting. Be sure to make the second cut perpendicular to the first.

Mow Dry:  Wet grass may clump together.

Mow Sharp: Keep your blade sharp. Grass recovers quickly when cut cleanly.

Other important considerations:

  • Remove thatch during spring cleanup by raking the lawn.
  • Aerate the lawn periodically to allow nutrients, air and water into the root system.
  • Single, infrequent (every 7 to 10 days) deep lawn waterings are more effective and less wasteful than frequent light waterings.

Why Should I Grasscycle?

Some may grasscycle as a timesaver, others may do it for the environment. No matter your reason here’s four for your consideration in case you’re still on the fence about it:  

Save Your Time:  Leaving your grass on the lawn saves you countless trips to scooping grass clippings into your Green Organics Cart or paper yard-waste bags to take to the Compost Depot. 

Save Your Money: Grass clippings left on the lawn are nutrient-rich and can act as a natural fertilizer. Keeping grass blades high will slow evaporation of water from the lawn, reducing the frequency you need to water!

Save Your Lawn: Grass that is cut high will develop a deep root system, leaving little room for weeds to grow! Going bagless prevents thatch buildup and disease and keeps your lawn lush, moist, and full of nutrients.

Save The Environment: In the summer months, up to 75 per cent of your Green Organics Cart is filled with grass clippings. Grasscycing reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting the grass to the depot, minimizes the amount of water and fertilizer your lawn needs, and eliminates the need for plastic or paper bag use.


My yard will look unattractive: When cut properly, grass clippings left on the lawn are virtually unnoticeable. If you notice your cuttings clumping, mow in a different direction to dissipate the clump. Grass clippings disappear within 3 days after cutting as they are full of water and decompose quickly.

My lawn will be full of thatch: Thatch is beneficial in small quantities (up to 2 cm); it insulates roots, reduces evaporation, and minimizes soil compaction. Thatch is composed of roots. Overwatering and over-fertilizing are the primary causes of thatch.

I need a mulching mower to Ditch the Bag: As long as you cut high and keep the mower blade sharp, grass will recover quickly when cut cleanly.

My yard will be full of disease and weeds: Mowing high chokes out weeds because it limits their exposure to sunlight. The same amount of seeds are dispersed when bagging or Ditching the Bag, as seeds are dispersed in the cutting process. Removing too much of the grass blade can increase its susceptibility to diseases by depleting energy reserves.

Help Spread the Word!

We think all grasscyclers should be proud of their choice to save time, money, their lawn and the environment! Help spread the word to your neighbours by requesting and displaying a grasscycling lawn sign.

We've created three different lawn signs for you to choose* from.
*The quantities of particular signs may vary throughout the year. You may not get to choose which sign you receive.

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Last edited: May 6, 2024