Compost Depot

Due to the Ray Gibbon Drive construction project, please be aware of heavy trucks on site at the Compost Depot. For more information, visit

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The Compost Depot is currently following regular hours of operation. See below.

City staff are not permitted to help residents unload or handle any materials brought to the Compost Depot. 

Please make a conscious effort to keep a physical distance of at least two metres (two arms-length) between each other at all times.

The City of St. Albert operates a seasonal Compost Depot for residents to drop-off yard waste in a convenient and environmentally-friendly way. Please follow all signage and dispose of plastic bags and other garbage at the provided waste receptacles.

The Compost Depot is open to residents of St. Albert only, proof of residency may be required. Non-residents and commercial vehicles will be turned away by on-site staff.


The City of St. Albert's Compost Depot is located on Villeneuve Road (between Ray Gibbon Drive and Hogan Road).

Hours of Operation

  • From April through October, open daily from between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. 
  • Closed November through March, except for Christmas tree drop-off from Christmas to January 31.
  • Exact opening and closing days are weather dependent. The status of the Depot will be listed above.

What can I bring to the Compost Depot?


check mark  Branches check mark  Pumpkins and jack o'-lanterns
check mark  Diseased branches and trees check mark  Shrubs
check mark  Flowers check mark  Soil and sod
check mark  Grass clippings check mark  Wood chips
check mark  Hay, leaves and straw check mark  Yard waste


The Compost Depot does NOT accept the following material:

xmark  Vegetable and fruit scraps xmark  Animal feces
xmark  Fish, poultry, bones xmark  Wood, lumber or any construction materials
xmark  Fats, greases or oils xmark  Ashes, charcoal
xmark  Coffee grounds, tea bags, bread scraps xmark  Non-organic materials (such as plastic bags)
xmark  Dairy products  

Many of the items above are accepted in the Green Organics Cart. For more information, please visit the Green Organics Cart section.

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Last edited: May 27, 2020