Cultivate Life (2012)


Cultivate Life (2012)

Materials:Mural Mosaic Print on Aluminum Panel
Dimensions:7.3m x 9.1m
Location: 22 Perron Street, Harry Gaffney Building

The Cultivate Life mural celebrates culture and life in St. Albert, the Botanical Arts City. The mural project brought together over 180 artists to work on a single mural. The entire mosaic is composed of 12 rows and 18 columns of individual artworks that when combined create the overall image of eight-year old, Ayla Chin, who holds a pot of blossoming flowers. This mural connects citizens of all ages to celebrate arts and culture within the St. Albert community.

The mural is located where the previous What Inspires a Child: St. Albert Legacy Mural originally was located. In order to better preserve this artwork, members of the City’s Public Art Advisory Committee, art conservation experts and structural engineers decided to print the panels of this mural on aluminum surface. The painted mural is currently in storage and will be displayed at an indoor location in the future.


Lewis Lavoie & Mural Mosiac


Lewis Lavoie is an illustrator, artist, and the inventor of the Mural Mosaic concept and performance painter. He was commissioned to create a mural for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Lewis has performed hundreds of live paintings for organizations such as Bioware and Pfizer, and was commissioned to paint for the Queen when she visited in 2005. He was invited to tour the bone beds near Grande Prairie with Dr. Phil Bell and was asked to create one of his renowned dinosaur paintings at an exclusive evening in support of the new dinosaur museum in Grande Prairie. Recently Lewis has been invited [by the government of Alberta] to perform at the 2012 Olympics in London, England.

Laugh for Life Gala


Mural Mosaic is a process invented by artist Lewis Lavoie that takes individual paintings and places them in a specific order to create a large painting. The first Mural Mosaic was created in 1997 for a retaining wall next to the Art Beat Gallery in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Five years later, in 2004, Lavoie took his process and involved other artists. During a 24-hour 'paint-a-thon' to raise money for a local charity, Lavoie pre-prepared panels with color tones and shapes, then using the color guidelines on the prepared panels as inspiration, artists created a painting using their own style. When all the panels were reunited, the final image was a resounding success.

Mural Mosaic


The following artists contributed panels included within the larger work:

Phil Alain, Bruce Allen, Deirdre Allen, Heidi Alther, Rob Amp, Colette Bachand, Helena Ball, Marolyn Beck, Carole Bedingfield, Karen Bishop, Karen Blanchett, Sabina Bonifazi, Sandy Bornia, Chelsea Brooks, Anne Brown, Carol Brown, Beverly Bunker, Nicole Burrowa, Phillip Burrows, Bernadette Buyse, Francesca Cammaratta, Kaleb Cammaratta, Honey Case, Karen Cassidy, Doris Charest, Carroll Charest, Christine Chung, Nora Clark, Linda Corbett, Laura Cox, Arnold Darlene, Nicole Deibert, Pearl Der, Jan Desroches, Elena Dumansky, Bonnie Ellerbeck, Myra Emms, Alexia Epp, Nolan Eva, Tara Fisher, Kim Fjordbotten, Maureen Flinn, Douglas Fraser, Victoria Gail Armstrong, Sally George, Chaisi Glover, Stephanie Gruss, Diane Gwilliam, Lisa Harding, Morgan Henderson, Al Henderson, Donna Hillier, Corey Hochachka, Saeed Hojjati, Bonnie Hood, Heather Howard, Melanie Hsiaom, Wayne Hussey, Marilyn Jeffery, Brad Johnson, Carol Johnson, Julie Kaldenhoven, Mya Kurpjuweit, Laura La France, Wendy Latimer, Mary Lauchlan, Lewis Lavoie, Denise Lefebvre, Mackenzie LeLacheaur, Rob LeLacheur, Donna Leny Hansen, Sylivia Leschyshyn, Lisa Lindsay, Amanda Mantyka, Cathy Mazur, Kristin McGuinly, Peg McPherson, Mary Meister, Luise Mendler Johnson, Sharon Merryweather, Mary Merryweather, Anna Miron, Betty Monthei, Michelle Murray, Arlene Musselman, Evangeline Okerstrom, Dixie Orriss, Shannon Ouellette, Megan Pederson, Wayne Peterson, Wenda M. Pfeifer, Roberta Pierson, Igor Potash, Andrew Raczynski, Wanda Resek, Tara Ricioppo, Susan Rogers, Rick Rogers, Helen Rogers, Carole Rose, Memory Roth, Kim Schaeble, Judy Leila, Candy Schultz, Sylivia Scott, Gail Seemann, Mimi Simard, Eileen Skinner, Harold Skinner, Corey Smith, Jeanette Sommers, Tom Steele, Diane Stone, Maureen Sutherland, Mona Sutherland, Florence Sylvie Ferguson, Tammy Taylor, Betty Tessier, Elizabeth Tessier, Pat Trudeau, Edward Van Vliet, Sonja Voigt, Sharon Walker, Sue Warinc, Lisa A. Warkentin, Laura Watmough, Linda Watt, Diane Way, Cheryl Wilkles, Linda Willard, Tammy Woolgar, Barbara Would Schaefer, Oksana Zhelisko, and Tamara ZoBell.

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