Public & Family Swimming

Important Notice: Household family swimming open April 24 at Fountain Park Recreation Centre and starts May 1. More details below.

Household Family Swimming

Bookings for household family swimming at Fountain Park Recreation Centre open April 24.

  • Swim bookings are for one hour at a time for a maximum of 10 people from the same household.
  • The fee is $175 for the one-hour booking.

How to book

  • Each household member must be entered into the main registration account – Learn more.
  • A maximum of 10 members from one household will be allowed in the pool for each booking.
  • Once each household member is in the account, the main account holder must call the pool at 780-459-1553 to make the swim booking.
  • Payments are accepted by credit card over the phone only.
  • Participants can cancel their booking up until 1 p.m. the Friday before.
  • As bookings are only accepted for members of the same household, face coverings and physical distancing are not required in the pool for the booked swim time.

What to expect

  • Bookings are 1 hour each, Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 7 p.m. each day.
  • Participants arrive 15 minutes before their booking time.
  • Check-in with Guest Services. When participants enter the facility, they will be directed to their waiting area for access onto the pool deck.
  • Participants will be ushered onto the pool deck and instructed to place their belongings in their bag drop area. Masks are required before and after swimming.
  • Participants will then be ushered into their assigned area in the pool. For one-on-one swim lessons, there is only one-way traffic flow in the pool.
  • When the class or swim time is finished, participants will be directed to their bag drop area and participants must put on their masks immediately before taking their bags.
  • Participants will be guided into the change room to dry off and change when there is space. 
  • Once participants are ready to leave, they must leave the facility immediately. There is no loitering/gathering.
  • Pool toys are not available - Participants can bring their own pool toys if they like.

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Last edited: April 21, 2021