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Effective April 7, the City is required to close some current programs and services, in alignment with the Government of Alberta’s The Path Forward.

Modified operations to activities 

Now open

Woodlands Skatepark, outdoor sport courts (tennis and pickleball), pavilions (Kingswood Park and Lacombe Lake Park; washroom access only), BLESS platform, portable toilets at Alpine and Rotary Park, Lions Park washrooms and Larry Olexiuk field. Sports fields are anticipated to open as early as May 3. Openings are dependent upon weather and may open sooner if possible. 

The City hopes to further open aquatics at Fountain Park Recreation Centre (public swim, lane swim) Woodlands Water Play Park and Grosvenor Outdoor Pool once provincial public health measures allow. 

More information will be available once items are confirmed for opening.

What to expect - Servus Place and Fountain Park Recreation Centre

  • Activities are by reservation only and must be booked before arriving at the facility. Walk-ins will not be permitted. 
  • Provincial public health measures are in place, which include: 
    • Physical distance: Three metres distance is always required during indoor fitness activities.
    • Face coverings: Required to be worn within all City recreation facilities, including when participating in low-intensity fitness activities. Face coverings must also be worn on the pool deck before and after swimming. Face coverings are not required when participating in one-on-one high-intensity training.
  • Patrons can access fitness only through the west doors at Servus Credit Union Place.

All virtual programming and outdoor recreation activities will continue at this time.

Outdoor Recreation Amenities – Now Open and Coming Soon

  • Now open:
    • All pickleball and tennis courts, with new guidelines
    • BLESS Platform (located in Rotary Park, 2 Rodeo Dr)
    • Woodlands Skatepark 
    • Picnic shelters – spontaneous use only which includes Lions Park
    • Pavilions at Kingswood Park and Lacombe Lake Park open for washroom access only (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.).
    • Portable toilets at Alpine and Rotary Parks and the washrooms at Lions Park (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.).
    • Larry Olexiuk field - for booked users only
  • Coming soon:
    • As early as May 3: Sports fields
    • TBD: Boat launch and beach volleyball at Woodlands Park
  • Openings are dependent upon weather and may open sooner if possible.
  • More aquatics options at Fountain Park Recreation Centre (public and lane swim), the Woodlands Water Play Park, and Grosvenor Outdoor Pool will be available based on provincial public health measures.
  • More information will be available once amenities are confirmed for opening.

Servus Credit Union Place - What's Happening


  • Outdoor drop-in classes, registered programs and virtual fitness programs and drop-in classes.
  • Personal fitness with trainer (one-on-one or one-on-one household training) - Now accepting bookings by phone only.
  • Field houses and gymnasiums bookings are limited to youth sport partners and schools

Not available at this time:

  • Drop-in at Tailor Made Insurance Fitness and Wellness Centre and Christenson Developments Track and Training Centre
  • Indoor fitness programs and drop-in classes.

Outdoor Fitness at Servus Place

  • Outdoor fitness classes will take place at Servus Credit Union Place or Grosvenor Park. If it rains, there will be no class and a class refund will be provided. Classes will be cancelled up to 1 hour before the class start times via email.  
  • Participants should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of the class and will be asked to leave as soon as it’s over.
  • Come dressed for your activity and bring a filled water bottle, a mat and or towel along with your own hand sanitizer if preferred.
  • Physical distancing, cleaning and sanitizing, and compliance with provincial public health measures will be followed.

Reserve your spot online at activity.stalbert.ca or contact our Member and Guest Services at 780-418-6088.  

Servus Place - Modified Operations

  • Follow all provincial public health measures:
    • Stay home if sick, face coverings must be worn in all indoor City facilities, wash or sanitize your hands frequently and do not touch your face, follow physical distancing guidelines, wear a mask, cough or sneeze into your elbow, no gathering. 
  • Arrive changed and ready to participate in the chosen, booked activity. Showers and change rooms remain closed. 
  • Lockers and wallet lockers are available.
  • All users are expected to follow the guidelines and respect any requests by City staff. 

Tailor Made Insurance Fitness and Wellness Centre and Christenson Developments Track and Training Centre

  • Personal fitness with trainer on the track may include high-intensity activities.

Fountain Park Recreation Centre - What's Happening

Registration is now open for spring one-on-one and one-on-one household swimming lessons; and swim club bookings. Register here.

Review the modified operations information below.

Fountain Park Recreation Centre - Modified Operations

One-on-one and one-on-one household swimming lessons and swim club bookings are available at Fountain Park Recreation Centre.

The following programs are not offered at this time:

  • Aquafitness (registered and drop-in)
  • Public/family swim (lane swim and drop-in)

When can I register?

  • Registration is now open

Participants will be contacted prior to their start date for one-on-one swimming lessons to talk about program details or if their original booking time needs to be changed, and to review their swim level and the modified operations. 

  • A maximum of one student per lesson can be registered.

Note: Programs and lessons are limited to 30 minutes to provide access to as many patrons as possible while still aligning with provincial guidelines. 

As patrons are welcomed back to City recreation facilities, changes may be needed to accommodate as many requests as possible. A full refund will be issued if the rescheduled time does not work for the registrant.

What to expect for pool use

The front doors of the facility will be unlocked for participants at 3:45 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8:45 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Public health measures

Public health measures must be followed while in a City facility, including recreation centres. The following measures are specific to pool use:

  • Physical distance: In the pool, 3 metres distance is required. Outside the pool, 2 metres distance required.
  • Face covers or masks: Required before and after swimming. This responsible caregiver may be required to wear a mask while in the pool.
  • No spectators are allowed. No exceptions.
  • Changerooms are not accessible prior to swim time. Please arrive with ready with swim attire under clothing.

Parents, guardians or support person

Only the following participants can have a parent, guardian or support person from the same household (one-on-one household) in the pool them:

  • For each participant working on Swimmer 2 or lower:
    • Babes and Tots
    • Sea Cubs
    • Floating Frogs
    • Sting Rays
    • Cruising Crocodiles
    • Paddling Penguins
    • Plunging Polar Bears
    • Swimmer 1 Beginner
    • Swimmer 1 Advanced
    • Swimmer 2
  • Participants with additional support or accessibility needs

Note: Support person must be 13 years or older. This responsible caregiver may be required to wear a mask while in the pool.

Your pool visit step-by-step

  1. Check-in with Guest Services. When participants enter the facility, they will be directed to their waiting area for access onto the pool deck.
  2. Instructors will usher participants onto the pool deck and instruct them to place their belongings in their bag drop area. Masks are required before and after swimming.
  3. Instructors will then usher participants into their assigned area in the pool and there is only one-way traffic flow in the pool.
  4. When the class is finished, the instructor will direct the participants to their bag drop area and participants must put on their masks immediately before taking their bags.
  5. Participants will be guided into the change room to dry off and change when there is space. 
  6. Once participants are ready to leave, they must leave the facility immediately. There is no loitering/gathering.
  7. Parents or caregivers picking up their children will be able to wait inside the facility in the waiting area but cannot go into the changerooms.

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Last edited: April 9, 2021