Published on January 28, 2021

Discovering Connection and Beauty in St. Albert

St. Albert residents and visitors have always admired and appreciated the vast network of trails and parks in St. Albert. With the changes that everyone has experienced this past year, they’ve become even more treasured as places to escape and find tranquillity.

For St. Albert resident Lesley and her husband Garth, St. Albert’s parks and trails have been a place to feel rejuvenated and stay connected with the community during provincial public health measures.

“We feel so happy after a walk because we get to be out in nature and explore the city while seeing all the amazing people in the community. When we go for walks, especially now, there are so many people out and they’re all so friendly. We love it,” says Lesley.

“Any activity is important, and outdoor exercise is even more important now because of COVID-19,” says Lesley who finds the pandemic has encouraged her to get out more. “That’s the one positive it has brought us. With limited choices, people are now getting outside and rediscovering our community.”

Close up picture of a dog standing between two people    Couple Walking their dog on a ravine trail in St. Albert

With over 99 kms of stunning trails, every resident has easy access to a pathway and there are endless possibilities for routes. Many of the trails connect to the over 100 parks in the city and each of them is host to its own unique amenities including playgrounds, picnic tables, outdoor rinks, cross-country ski trails, toboggan hills and more.

“I am so proud to live here and thankful for the attention the City places on making it a beautiful place to live. We are St. Albertans for life,” exclaims Lesley.

Lesley and her husband feel encouraged to get outside as much as possible so they can see familiar faces and share hellos and smiles with neighbours. “We love walking around our neighbourhood because we’re always passing so many St. Albertans and every one of them seems to say hi. It’s part of what makes St. Albert special,” says Lesley.

Along with feeling happier during and after a walk, Lesley and Garth both notice big health benefits from getting active outdoors. They feel refreshed, more alert, and sleep better. Outdoor play opportunities are available for all residents and it’s important to try and include them into your everyday routine, so you can take care of your wellbeing. If the weather is really blistery, the City has virtual fitness classes so you can be active inside your home.

With more residents using the parks and trails, please remember to observe physical distancing of at least two metres from all users. Share these spaces responsibly and alert others to your presence by using your voice, bell or horn as appropriate. Be courteous and kind as we all enjoy the outdoors together this winter. Learn more about trail etiquette.

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Last edited: April 19, 2021