Published on February 24, 2020

Staff Profile: Meet Hailey Dame

Not many people can claim to have discovered their future career path while in the eighth grade, but that’s exactly what happened to Hailey Dame, an Exercise and Wellness Specialist at Servus Credit Union Place.

“The summer of 2008, I was here working out almost everyday,” she explains. “That’s probably what got me into fitness as a career. I’d always been interested in human biology and how the body works, but I knew being a doctor or a nurse was not for me.”

A big fan of the atmosphere and friendly clientele that comes to the facility, working at Servus Place after graduating from the Personal Fitness Trainer program at NAIT seemed like a natural fit..

“It’s like home here,” she says. “I tried other gyms, but it wasn’t the same – maybe they had more equipment, but I found it was the people that make Servus Place great.”

After starting at the Fitness Desk, Hailey began personal training two years ago in March 2018 before jumping in to teach her first group fitness class, Active Aging, in September. Still leading the Active Aging class, Hailey now teaches Smart Start Spin, Mom and Baby Aquafit and Walk This Way, as well as a bootcamp style drop-in class on Sundays called Athletic Circuit.

A new class, Seniors Stretch and Release, is one that Hailey feels very strongly about as it introduces simple exercises for older adults to enhance their way of life. 

“I like to provide our members with exercises that are safe and comfortable and can help them hit their goals,” Hailey explains. “If I can give them new ideas so that they can come in here by themselves and they can confidently say, ok Hailey taught me this in class and I know I can do this on my own.” 

Trainer leads a client in stretching exerciseWhen asked about the importance of staying active as you get older, Hailey maintains it’s critical to keeping your independence.

“You want to be able to move freely and be able to chase the grandkids,” she says. “Or if something falls on the floor or if you fall, the ability to pick something or yourself up is critical to staying independent.”

Her most important piece of advice to any one starting to workout is to stay patient and remember that results take time.

“Don't get discouraged if you don't see changes right away. It takes time to lose weight and it takes time to build muscle,” she says. “Even when it comes to learning the exercise, it takes time for your system to learn how to properly execute, so just be patient, and results will come.”

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Last edited: February 24, 2020