Published on January 9, 2020

Value of Membership

When Liz Allchin isn’t busy with yoga, performing with the GeriActors & Friends, or as a board member for the St. Albert Seniors’ Centre, she’s at Fountain Park Recreation Centre three times a week swimming and catching up with her friends. As a member, she’s been going there regularly for the last 26 years and isn’t interested in stopping any time soon.

Liz started coming to the facility in 1993, at the age of 50, when she made the decision to learn how to swim. She registered for the adult swimming lessons and mastered her aquatic skills in no time. Since then, she’s become a regular in the 50+ Club drop-in class and discovered a peer support group of other people in the same class.

“You get a whole slice of life when you come to the 50+ Club,” says Liz. “If you take the time to go and have some coffee, to have a sit down and have a drink and chat, it makes for a very interesting day.”

Socializing like this also helps with feelings of isolation and loneliness as everyone can share their stories and relate to one another.

“You can tell we’re a great support group for one another here, we look after one another,” says Liz. “We know when somebody is sick and we’ll send them a card, give them a call, see if there is anything we can do to help. It’s a good socialization situation; we give each other a lot of support. That is very important as you get older”.

A membership to Fountain Park Recreation Centre gives members access to all the facility’s amenities like the St. Albert Dodge Leisure Pool, the competition pool, the whirlpool, the sauna and steam room and more!

“Fitness, friendship and fun are at the heart of my senior’s membership” says Liz.

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Last edited: January 24, 2020