Published on February 2, 2021

Virtual Fitness Classes Q&A

We recently caught up with long-time annual member, Nadine N., to chat about her experience taking drop-in virtual fitness classes at Servus Credit Union Place, and how they have helped to keep her connected to her community.

“Working out at Servus Place and meeting with people has been one of many of the small things in life that I realize now I had taken for granted. Throughout the first wave of the pandemic, I missed the classes and the small pleasantries shared with others. When the group classes opened in the summer, it was like a family reunion but with new protocols like masking and sanitizing. You can imagine the disappointment when the classes came to a stop as restrictions were again put in place.”

After trying virtual fitness classes, what do you think?

The virtual classes give me a little sense of normalcy. By participating in a class where the instructor, music and moves are familiar, it offers some familiar comfort and allows us to keep up with the structure of the classes. This also means when we are able to do in-person classes again, we’ll able to step right back in without skipping a beat.

What do you like about the virtual classes at Servus Place?

What I am loving about the virtual classes is that I can try classes that I might not have been able to fit into my schedule or when I couldn’t commute. I also like being able to try classes that previously seemed to be too advanced or complex, and I also like the varied times and classes that are offered.

Do you have a favourite virtual class?

Hard to pick: I love the moves and music of Groovin’ with Amanda; love the closeness and kindness of Suzanne’s Zumba class; Ron’s class has a big following because he has such a great way of calling the moves and makes everyone feel like a friend.

Have you taken other virtual classes elsewhere?

I did try other classes online, in particular YouTube classes; however, the instructors were unfamiliar, had different moves, and even though they were ok, they didn’t offer me the same sense of satisfaction that the virtual classes at Servus Place. 

Would you recommend these classes to others? If so, what would you say?

Definitely! I would say sign up. This is your chance to give a class a try in the comfort of your own home and get used to some moves so when group sessions open up you will be at ease with all the steps.

Drop-in Virtual Fitness Classes are available online (28 classes per week available); you can register at or phone 780-418-6088. Access requires a day admission fee or a monthly or annual membership. Current annual members will have their memberships automatically re-activated upon registering.

Like a little commitment? We also have Registered Virtual Fitness classes starting in late February - you can browse by activity category here.

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Last edited: February 2, 2021