Community Clubhouses

The City of St. Albert maintains five clubhouses, which are available to St. Albert residents and non-profit organizations for program and meeting purposes. User fees apply. ** No alcohol is permitted in any of our City Clubhouses**

Clubhouse Locations

  • Akinsdale Clubhouse - 36 Alpine Boulevard (A on the map)
  • Grandin Clubhouse - 5 Grenfell Avenue (B on the map)
  • Lacombe Clubhouse - 145 Larose Drive (C on the map)
  • Mission Clubhouse - 9A Mission Avenue (D on the map)
  • Willoughby Clubhouse - 4 Willoughby Drive (E on the map)

The clubhouse facilities are available all year, however, the Mission Clubhouse is leased year-round to the St. Albert Tennis Club and is unavailable to rent.

Booking Information

Interested in booking a clubhouse? Visit the bookings page

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