Jarome Iginla & Kinex Arenas Reopening

We are excited to welcome community and sports groups back to Jarome Iginla and Kinex Arenas. The doors will open to the public on August 10 with reduced hours and availability, limited capacity and physical distancing restrictions to align with provincial guidelines. For the most up-to-date information, visit stalbert.ca/covid19.

The health and safety of our community members and staff remains our top priority. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow these Stay Safe measures:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently and do not touch your face
  • Follow physical distancing guidelines
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow

Welcome Back Video

Tour through the changes to what community and sports groups will experience due to COVID-19 at Jarome Iginla and Kinex Arenas starting August 10. Information includes guidelines to staying safe, available amenities and services, and requirements you need to know before arriving. Stay safe and have fun!

Mandatory Face Coverings

The City’s priority is the health, safety and well-being of its residents, staff and visitors.

As of August 1, face coverings are required inside any civic facility, which includes Servus Credit Union Place, Fountain Park Recreation Centre (when it reopened on August 4), and Jarome Iginla Arena and Kinex Arena (when the arenas reopen on August 10, 2020).

As of August 8, face coverings will be required at all indoor public spaces within St. Albert. Indoor public places include any property accessible by the public, such as retail locations, recreation centres, restaurants, entertainment venues, transit shelters (semi-enclosed and enclosed) as well as vehicles for hire.

Face coverings are not required while patrons are swimming or exercising in designated areas of City facilities. However, once these activities have concluded we ask guests to please wear their face coverings in public and common areas, including change rooms, before exiting the facility.

More information, including other exceptions to the bylaw, can be found at stalbert.ca/facecovers.

Modified Operations Guidelines:

Once you’ve received your booking and before you arrive:

  • Make sure your community or sports group has the booking information and guidelines. You can request another copy by emailing facilitybookings@stalbert.ca
  • Enter through the north doors and arrive no more than 30 minutes before your designated booking time. Please vacate the building no later than 15 minutes after the booked time. 
  • Maintain physical distancing with one-way traffic flow, please do not gather in the commons areas.
  • When entering the facility go directly to the dressing room and please follow that posted capacity for each area.
  • The dressing rooms are available for booked arena participants only and capacities are limited so come dressed for the activity as much as possible.
  • Showers and officials’ rooms are unavailable.
  • Dryland training is not permitted in the arenas.
  • Use garbage receptacles provided and clean up after your group.
  • The user group is responsible for ensuring that sanctioned activities like training, practices, and games are permitted through their association or sport governing body.
  • The concession is not available.

For parents or spectators:

  • Please remember spectators are not allowed to enter dressing rooms or the walkway around the ice unless directed by an attendant.
  • The walkway connection between Jarome Iginla and Kinex Arenas is closed.
  • Refrain from congregating before or after the scheduled booking.
  • All spectators must also practice physical distancing. To ensure 2 metre distancing is maintained, the regular number of seats available will be reduced and spectator capacities will be listed for each facility.
  • All visitors to the arenas will be required to wear face coverings before entering the facility.

Please report any injury or accident immediately to the facility staff, including when emergency services have been contacted.

For more information and to book your ice time, please contact facilitybookings@stalbert.ca.

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Last edited: August 7, 2020