The Right Community

Everything to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle

Our facility features a fitness and wellness centre, water play centre, recreation and exercise programs, ice surfaces, gymnasiums, field houses and more. Our dedicated community of staff and members take pride in their commitment to providing people with a safe and encouraging active living environment.

The City of St. Albert is committed to assessing service delivery to identify opportunities for improvement.

Servus Place Customer Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary

Servus Place Customer Satisfaction Survey Final Report

The Right Community

We offer one-on-one training and fitness appraisals that will fit your lifestyle and deliver the best results.

“It's the longest I've ever stayed in an exercise class in my life...”
- Karen

The Right Support

Servus Place also provides programs that support parents with children so moms and dads can enjoy personal time and feel comfort knowing their child is well looked after.

“Having the child-minding program allows me to exercise more... because I have more options at more times of the day, which is great!”
- Andrea

The Right Health Advice

Servus Place's personal trainers can tailor a dynamic program to your needs, and then challenge you to focus on reaching your goals.

“Personal training has changed how I take care of my body, because once you see the results, you don't want to go back.”
- Tanya

The Right Hours

With operating hours ranging from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on most days of the week, Servus Place offers plenty of opportunities to get in a full workout.

“I'm not feeling like I'm scrunched for time... I get more time in because I'm not rushed.”
- Mary

The Right Facility

With its kid-friendly pools, lazy river ride and variety of slides, the Landrex Water Play Centre makes for a perfect family outing where you'll be having so much fun you won't realize that you're getting active!

“It is worth it. You get to spend time with your family, enjoy great services, everyone's very friendly, the facility's always clean and you get to just have fun.”
- Amanda

Included with a membership at Servus Place are over 50 weekly drop-in programs, as well as access to the Landrex Water Play Centre. Check out our mobile app to find the class or program that best suits you.

Get a membership for Servus Place today!

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Last edited: May 18, 2023