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If your questions isn't answered, or if you'd like to share your comments, please email us at and we'd be happy to reply within two business days. 

Please stay home when your child is not well and notify 780-418-6088 to refund your spot. Children can return to program once they have been symptom free for 24 hours.

What is PLAYcare?

If you're looking childcare while you take a class, break a sweat in the gym or grab a coffee and sit for a little me time, Servus Place offers PLAYcare (Physical Literacy And You). It's a child-minding service that allows you to drop your little one off for fun while you enjoy your time.

This is a registered child caring program that focuses on age- and stage-appropriate FUNdamental movement skills outlined by Canadian Sport for Life for one to eight-year-olds. Kids get to play, be active and make new friends while playing games, making crafts, having dance parties, building forts and so much more. PLAYcare hours aligns with popular fitness and recreation drop-in programs.

A new adventure awaits every day. Let's get PLAYing!

Why has Child-Minding changed?

The Child-Minding service has evolved to a more active and playful PLAYcare (Physical Literacy And You) program to better fit your family's healthy lifestyle with staff who are actively engaging with education through the Canadian Sport for Life programming for children. 

When is PLAYcare offered?

PLAYcare is offered Monday to Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and can be registered for up to seven days in advance for your 2-hour time slot(s). This schedule aligns with popular fitness and recreation drop-in and registered programs.

We want to hear from you, please share your feedback at How can we make the PLAYcare fit into your day better?

Where is PLAYcare?

It's in the Children’s Program Room located across the hall from the Landrex Water Play Centre changerooms (formerly the Child-minding room) OR if parents haven’t registered in advance, they will need to make a quick stop at Guest Services to pay and get their wristbands before heading to the Children's Program Room.

How does this service work?

Register for the PLAYcare session that works for you during the week you expect to visit. 

The morning of your visit, come to the Guest Services desk at Servus Place to pay for the PLAYcare service and receive a wristband before going to the Children’s Program Room.

PLAYcare will start at 8:45 a.m., children are not required to stay for the full 2 hours and will need to be picked up at 10:45 a.m. PLAYcare staff will have games and activities planned for the full 2 hours to ensure your child is safe and having fun.

The room is cleaned and sanitized before the next day of play and adventures.

PLAYcare staff are recreation leaders who have their Canada Sport For Life Fundamental Movement Skills certifications, Standard First Aid and CPRC certifications, and security clearance checks. They have experience and education in early childhood development.

What ages of children are able to participate?

Children from one to eight years old are able to participate.

The Recreation Supervisor will be monitoring the ages and may increase capacities if children are older.

For children one to three-years old, the capacity is eight children for one PLAYcare staff member.

For children four to eight-years old, the capacity is 12 children for one PLAYcare staff member.

There will be one PLAYcare staff member present at all times with a maximum of eight one to three-year-old children in the room, or a maximum of 12 four to eight-year old children.

If more than eight children are registered, they will be added to the waitlist and once four children are on the waitlist, another staff member is added to that time slot, increasing capacity to 16 children.

What should my child bring?

Clean indoor shoes, clothes they can play freely in and are allowed to get a little dirty, clearly labelled personal items in a large clear Ziplock bag, and their smiles and eagerness to have fun!

Snacks and water bottles are welcome. Please label all snacks and containers. In consideration for children and staff with allergies, please do not send snacks with nut products; popcorn is also discouraged as it is a choking hazard.

Can I redeem my old punch passes?

Not exactly.

Old child-minding passes will be credited back to you and the balance will be applied to PLAYcare or another program.

Or, you can be refunded for the remainder of your punches by calling 780-418-6088.

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Last edited: September 9, 2021