Servus Credit Union Place is open with normal hours and more amenities. Limited capacity and physical distancing restrictions apply to align with provincial guidelines.

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Hours of operation:

  • Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
  • Saturday 6:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
  • Sunday 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Welcome Back!

More Servus Place amenities are now open!

The Landrex Water Play Centre, the gym courts and fields houses, and community meeting rooms are now open. 

Fitness Centre Changes

Check out the changes made in the Tailor Made Insurance Fitness & Wellness Centre

Indoor Track

The Christenson Developments Track & Training Centre is open. Users are asked to walk/run in the two outer lanes and use the two inner lanes for passing.

Mandatory Face Coverings

The City’s priority is the health, safety and well-being of its residents, staff and visitors.

As of August 1, face coverings are required inside any civic facility, which includes Servus Credit Union Place, Fountain Park Recreation Centre (when it reopened on August 4), and Jarome Iginla Arena and Kinex Arena (when the arenas reopen on August 10, 2020).

As of August 8, face coverings will be required at all indoor public spaces within St. Albert. Indoor public places include any property accessible by the public, such as retail locations, recreation centres, restaurants, entertainment venues, transit shelters (semi-enclosed and enclosed) as well as vehicles for hire.

Face coverings are not required while patrons are swimming or exercising in designated areas of City facilities. However, once these activities have concluded we ask guests to please wear their face coverings in public and common areas, including change rooms, before exiting the facility.

More information, including other exceptions to the bylaw, can be found at

Modified Operations

Pre-booking is required for family swim, lane swim, preschool plunge and fitness classes. You may reserve your spot(s) up to seven days in advance by phone, online or in person. You will need to set up an account before you pre-book. Follow the Step-By-Step Guides on Creating a New Account and Pre-Registering or you may call us at 780-459-1553 and we will walk you through this process. If you already have an account created, you may Sign-In to your account and begin to select and book Swim Times.

Family and lane swim bookings are in one-hour time slots. We encourage users to book up to two hours max daily so others may also enjoy swim times.


Changerooms will not be available prior to your swim and lockers will not be available. Please bring a bag to hold all your belongings including shoes. There is a bag-drop area on the pool deck. Please bring only essential valuables and lock them in the wallet lockers available on the pool deck. If you require access to a special changeroom, please notify us upon arrival and we will accommodate.

Changeroom showers are unavailable; please shower before you arrive and come with your swimming attire under your clothes to expedite the process. When you exit the pool, you may rinse off at the pool deck shower and access changerooms to change out of swim attire.

The swimsuit spinners are not available.


Arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before your program or booked time to allow time for entry through the new process

Building entry and exit is through main doors only and patron access is limited to the front foyer, changerooms, washrooms and the pool area

Please follow signs and directional arrows to guide you in and throughout the facility


During family swim and preschool plunge, lifejackets are available but toys and baby boats are not available 


Lane swim will be double wide so you will swim up in one lane and back in the other. The speed of swimming will be divided to assist with spacing. Flutter boards are available only for lane swimming

Additional Information

Servus Place Admission and Memberships

  • Please call prior to visiting to purchase a new membership or to re-activate an existing membership to eliminate congestion at the desk.
  • Please avoid using cash if possible – debit and credit card are preferred.
  • Wristbands will be given to the users to put on themselves to limit physical contact.
  • Existing Memberships and Passes:
    • 10 visit pass expiry dates have been extended  relative to the facility closure period.
    • Members with monthly memberships that expried after the facility closure on March 13, 2020 will have credits attached to their accounts relative to the time remaining on the membership.
    • Members with annual memberships have all been re-activated effective September 14, 2020, unless they have already contacted Guest Services. Expiry dates have all been extended relative to the original end date the the length of our closure. For those on a monthly payment plan, payments will resume in October 1, 2020.

For more information regarding your existing membership or pass, please email

For arena, or field house bookings email

Amenities Opening July 20 and Modifications

Opening July 20, 2020 Modifications for Opening

Tailor Made Insurance Fitness and Wellness Centre

Christenson Developments Track and Training Centre

  • Check-in at the Fitness Desk is not available. Please check-in through the main Guest Services desk
  • Access is on a first come first serve basis, no pre-booking is required at this time
  • Change rooms, lockers, and showers are unavailable so come dressed for the activity
  • Valuables can be placed in the available wallet lockers
  • Fitness equipment has been spread out and spaced throughout the Fitness Centre and second level concourse to allow for physical distancing
  • Small fitness equipment will be available but in limited supply upon reopening such as mats, balls, bosus, TRX, bands, foam rollers
  • Only the inner and outer lanes of the track will be used, with the inner 2 lanes open for passing in order to maintain physical distancing.
  • Limited use of equipment in track corners will be available.
  • Eyeland Optometry Spin Bike Corner will not be available upon reopening 
  • Olympic weights and kettlebells will be available
  • Be sure to wipe equipment down before and after use
  • Water bottle only filling at water fountains.
  • Please limit your visit to 1.5 hours so everyone can enjoy a workout
  • Capacity is 100 patrons maximum on each of the second and third floors

Access through the west entrance doors only

Arenas - Go Auto Arena, Mark Messier Arena, Troy Murray Arena

Tudor Veterinary Field House 

  • Booked use only, no spontaneous or drop-in use
  • Change rooms are not available for field house participants and are limited for arena participants so come dressed for the activity as much as possible,
  • Showers and officials’ rooms are unavailable
  • Participants are to show up no earlier than 30 minutes before designated booking time for arenas and 15 minutes for field house and must vacate the building immediately, and no later than 15 minutes after the booked time.  
  • Please follow posted capacity for each area.
  • Spectators are not allowed to enter change rooms or the walkway around the field/ice unless directed by a Servus Place staff. Please refrain from congregating prior to or after the scheduled booking.

Access through the south entrance doors only, except on Saturdays when the Farmers' Markets is on then you can only enter through the west doors.  When entering the facility please go directly to the booked surface.


Amenities Opening September 1

Opening September 1, 2020 Modifications for Opening

Landrex Water Play Centre (pools, play features, water slides)

  • Changerooms will be open with reduced capacity
  • Hot tubs, sauna and steam rooms will be closed
  • The lazy river is not circulating water at this time
  • Viewing area will be closed
  • Please follow posted capacity


Community Gymnasium

Sarasota Field House
Reliance the Furnace Company Community Room and other meeting rooms Open

Booster Juice

Skybox Grill

  • Opening September 1
  • Designated food and beverage areas are available.


Timing TBD

  • Child-Minding
  • Landrex Water Play Centre hot tub, steam room, sauna
  • Ron Hodgson Leisure Ice 
  • Ron Hodgson Playground 
  • Swiss Chalet Seniors' Day 
  • Starbucks

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