Ball Diamonds

Diamond Locations

Park Facility Location
Alpine Park Ball Diamond 36 Alpine Drive
Deer Ridge Park Ball Diamond 120 Deer Ridge Drive
Dorchester Park Ball Diamond N-196 Deer Ridge
Dorchester Park Ball Diamond S-49 Giroux
Erin Ridge Park Ball Diamond N-54 Erin Ridge Dr
Flagstone Park Ball Diamond Flagstone Park
Fountain Park 4 Ball Diamonds 4 Cunningham Road
Gatewood Park Ball Diamond 17 Gatewood Ave
Grosvenor Park 2 Ball Diamonds N-5 Grenfell Ave
Langholm Park Ball Diamond 143 Liberton Drive
Langley Park 4 Ball Diamonds 15 Langley Ave
Larose Park 2 Ball Diamonds 149 Larose Drive
Leo Nickerson Field Ball Diamond 10 Sycamore Avenue
Mission Park Ball Diamond 9 Mission Avenue
Poplar Park Ball Diamond 34 Parkwood Drive
Salisbury Park Ball Diamond 81 Salisbury Ave
Willoughby Park Ball Diamond 6 Willoughby Drive

Diamonds are available for spontaneous use between 5:00 am - 11:00 pm, when not rented or programmed, as identified in the Parks Bylaw.

Additional Information

Ball Diamond Maintenance

There are 26 baseball and softball diamonds maintained by Public Works crews. Each of them is "floated" every day (weather permitting) to level the infield. Minor repairs are made at that time, and any repairs of a more significant nature are noted and scheduled. For more information, please see our Park Maintenance page.

Field Conditions and Closures

For information on City field conditions, please visit our Field Closures page or contact our hotline number at 780-459-1568.

Booking Information

Interested in booking a ball diamond? Visit the bookings page

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Last edited: April 6, 2021