Soccer, Football & Rugby Fields

Field Locations

Teams, families and individuals love playing outdoors on the quality sports fields provided in the city. Whether it's a championship game or a family teaching their little ones how to kick a ball, these sports fields provide value to all. See the table below for locations:



Alpine Park 36 Alpine Drive 2 sports fields
Attwood Park 71 Attwood Drive 2 sports fields
Deer Ridge Park 120 Deer Ridge Drive 2 sports fields
Dorchester Park 196 Deer Ridge Drive 1 sports field
Eldorado Park 7 Eldorado Drive 2 sports fields
Erin Ridge Park 40 Erin Ridge Drive 1 sports field
Flagstone Park 51 Flagstone Crescent 1 sports field
Forest Park 92 Forest Drive 2 sports fields
Fountain Park 4 Cunningham Road 1 sports field
Gatewood Park 17 Gatewood Avenue 2 sports fields
Gloucester Park 7 Gloucester Drive 1 sports field
Grosvenor Park North 5 Grenfell Avenue 5 sports fields
Grosvenor Park South 50 Gainsborough Avenue 3 sports fields
Hodgson Park 50 Heritage Drive 1 sports field
Langholm Park 143 Liberton Drive 1 sports field
Langley Park 15 Langley Avenue 1 sports field
Larose Park 149 Larose Drive 1 sports field
Larry Olexiuk Field 47 Riel Drive Artificial turf multi-use sports field
Leo Nickerson Field 10 Sycamore Avenue 1 sports field
Liberton Park 40 Liberton Drive 1 sports field
Morgan Park 114 Mission Ave 2 sports fields
Oakmont Park 96 Oak Vista Drive 1 sports field
Pineview Park 41 Pineview Drive 1 sports field
Poplar Park 34 Parkwood Drive 1 sports field
Salisbury Park 81 Salisbury Avenue 5 sports field
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Field 61 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue 1 sports field
St. Albert Catholic High School Field 33 Malmo Avenue 1 sports field
Willoughby Park 6 Willoughby Drive 3 sports field

Additional Information

Sportsfields Conditions and Closures

For information on City field conditions, please visit our Field Closures page or call 780-459-1568.

Sports Field Maintenance

Public Works crews maintain 47 sports fields in approximately a week-long routine. This schedule is weather-sensitive as well. Field markings are renewed, and general light repairs are made. For more information, please see our Park Maintenance page.

Sports Field Upgrades

The Recreation & Parks Department is currently working to establish a scheduled upgrade of football and soccer fields. This would see a small number of fields removed from service every two years to allow a general upgrade to the turf surface, regaining a standard too difficult to attain while the fields are annually in continuous use.

Booking Information

Interested in booking a field? Visit the bookings page

Spontaneous Use Hours

When not rented or programmed, outdoor natural turf fields available for use from 5 a.m. - 11 p.m. as identified in the Parks Bylaw.

Riel Recreation Park

This facility is for pre-booked use only. For more information on The City of St. Albert’s Riel Recreation Park and our multi-use, artificial turf field, please visit:

Riel Recreation Park.

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Last edited: January 27, 2020