Soccer, Football & Rugby Fields

Field Locations

Teams, families and individuals love playing outdoors on the quality sports fields provided in the city. Whether it's a championship game or a family teaching their little ones how to kick a ball, these sports fields provide value to all. See the table below for locations:



Alpine Park36 Alpine Drive2 sports fields
Attwood Park71 Attwood Drive2 sports fields
Deer Ridge Park120 Deer Ridge Drive2 sports fields
Dorchester Park196 Deer Ridge Drive1 sports field
Eldorado Park7 Eldorado Drive2 sports fields
Erin Ridge Park40 Erin Ridge Drive1 sports field
Flagstone Park51 Flagstone Crescent1 sports field
Forest Park92 Forest Drive2 sports fields
Fountain Park4 Cunningham Road1 sports field
Gatewood Park17 Gatewood Avenue2 sports fields
Gloucester Park7 Gloucester Drive1 sports field
Grosvenor Park North5 Grenfell Avenue5 sports fields
Grosvenor Park South50 Gainsborough Avenue3 sports fields
Hodgson Park50 Heritage Drive1 sports field
Langholm Park143 Liberton Drive1 sports field
Langley Park15 Langley Avenue1 sports field
Larose Park149 Larose Drive1 sports field
Larry Olexiuk Field47 Riel DriveArtificial turf multi-use sports field
Leo Nickerson Field10 Sycamore Avenue1 sports field
Liberton Park40 Liberton Drive1 sports field
Morgan Park114 Mission Ave2 sports fields
Oakmont Park96 Oak Vista Drive1 sports field
Pineview Park41 Pineview Drive1 sports field
Poplar Park34 Parkwood Drive1 sports field
Salisbury Park81 Salisbury Avenue5 sports field
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Field61 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue1 sports field
St. Albert Catholic High School Field33 Malmo Avenue1 sports field
Willoughby Park6 Willoughby Drive3 sports field

Additional Information

Sportsfields Conditions and Closures

For information on City field conditions, please visit our Field Closures page or call 780-459-1568.

Sports Field Maintenance

Public Works crews maintain 47 sports fields in approximately a week-long routine. This schedule is weather-sensitive as well. Field markings are renewed, and general light repairs are made. For more information, please see our Park Maintenance page.

Sports Field Upgrades

The Recreation & Parks Department is currently working to establish a scheduled upgrade of football and soccer fields. This would see a small number of fields removed from service every two years to allow a general upgrade to the turf surface, regaining a standard too difficult to attain while the fields are annually in continuous use.

Booking Information

Interested in booking a field? Visit the bookings page

Spontaneous Use Hours

When not rented or programmed, outdoor natural turf fields available for use from 5 a.m. - 11 p.m. as identified in the Parks Bylaw.

Riel Recreation Park

This facility is for pre-booked use only. For more information on The City of St. Albert’s Riel Recreation Park and our multi-use, artificial turf field, please visit:

Riel Recreation Park.

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Last edited: January 27, 2020