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Bike Skills Park

Administration will discontinue work on the Bike Skills Park

At the February 22 Council Meeting, Council supported an amended version of the proposed motion to have Administration discontinue work on the Bike Skills Park project at the current location and have the balance of the project funds returned to the Major Recreation Facilities-City Wide Fund. View the Council Brief. After careful consideration the best option for the Bike Skills Park was to stop work on it. Unfortunately there isn't a feasible alternative location at this time and the current proposal did not get approval from the Alberta Environment Park Water Act. View the Agenda Report.

History about the Project

The Bike Skills Park was part of City Council's objective to cultivate a healthy and active community. It was set to strengthen St. Albert's social fabric and enhance recreational opportunities for all residents and surrounding communities.

Site Information

On December 15th, 2014 Council approved the initiation of the design phase of the Bike Skills Park at the location seen above. The park may include natural elements like logs and boulders, challenging wooden features, or jumps and berms for those who are more skilled at riding. A detailed concept plan will be available by fall 2015. View examples of other Bike Skills Parks in Western Canada.

The Bike Skills Park will be subject to the City’s Parks Bylaw and all maintenance will be conducted through the Public Works department including site inspections, repair to technical features, site clean-up and garbage removal. The park will be a daytime park, with no evening lighting.

Natural Areas Assessment

A Natural Areas Assessment was conducted and identified the environmental function and values at the Bike Skills Park location, assessing potential environmental impacts. Review the report.

The report identified six potential environmental effects out of a possible 48 potential interactions between the Park and the environment that need further mitigation beyond best management practices. The City believes that the six environmental effects can be mitigated by focusing the development of the park in the grassland portion of the property, which was not considered a “natural area” due to human disturbances of the area over the last 40 years.

Land Use Bylaw

After the design is completed using the findings and parameters in the Natural Areas Assessment, an application for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment will be made to the planning and development department. The bylaw amendment will allow fill below the designated flood line and add “Bike Skills Park” as a definition in the City’s Land Use Bylaw. The public will have a 30-day comment window on the proposed changes. The opportunity to comment will be via the City website as well as direct mailing to impacted stakeholders. Additionally, the public will have an opportunity to speak directly to Council at a Public Hearing which will be advertized in CityLights in the St. Albert Gazette and on the City website. View a complete description of the bylaws under review.


Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions about the Bike Skills Park, please contact:

City of St. Albert Construction Contact                City of St. Albert Recreation and Parks Contact
Name: Micah Seon-King                                           Name: Erin Pickard
Email:                               Email:
Phone: 780-459-1640                                                  Phone: 780-418-6005

Last edited: May 18, 2016

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