Parks and Playgrounds

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With just over 515 hectares of parkland, the City of St. Albert is well known for its expansive parks and green spaces. Whether seeking a place for quiet reflection, to play with your dog, exercise, or participate in team sports, St. Albert's vibrant park system has you covered.

St. Albert’s outdoor spaces are perfect for children to ride their bikes, skateboards, scooters and to running and exploring with friends. They can check out the BMX park and the Woodlands Skateboard Park is also along St. Albert’s trail system. Riders can make their way down the ramp fakie and kickflip up into the funbox! While skateboards are the most common ways to enjoy the park, inline skates, scooters and bikes are all allowed.

Don’t forget that the beach volleyball courts at the Woodlands Water Play Park are also available for a quick match with friends.

The Fowler Athletic Park is open to anyone to who’d like to go for a run or to practice track and field events like the long jump, high jump and hammer and discus throws. The track is also prime for runners training for short and long distance events.

For some fun with friends, there are many different outdoor and indoor sports courts around the city to play tennis or pickleball, which is fun for all ages.

St. Albert has several tarmac courts that are perfect for these fun activities. Some feature basketball hoops for some pickup basketball.

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Last edited: May 8, 2020