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City of St.Albert
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Park Amenities

The City of St. Albert is known for its parks and green spaces, featuring over 80,000 trees and 99.5 km of recreational trails. Whether seeking a place for quiet reflection, to play with your dog, exercise, or participate in team sports, St. Albert's extensive park system has you covered.

The following chart details the available amenities at St. Albert's 63 parks and managed school properties.

Park Amenities Reference Chart

To find the location of these parks please consult our City Parks Map.

Portable Toilet Locations

Portable toilets will be available at various location in St. Albert from May 1 - September 30, 2019. Please see the map below for locations and the FAQ's for more information.

Portable Toilet Locations 2019


1. When are the portable toilets going to be available?

Portable toilets will be located at each site from May 1 until September 30, 2019. 
The units will be open to the public 24 hrs a day.

2. When will the portable toilets be serviced or emptied?

All locations will be serviced and emptied at least once per week with some units being serviced more often, depending on the usage.

3. Who is responsible for the Portable toilets?

The City contracts a company to place the portable toilets at each location and to service the units. The City does not own the portable toilets (except the two at Rotary Park). Public Works manages the contract.

4. How were the locations chosen for the portable toilets?

Portable toilets are placed in high traffic parks around the City of St. Albert. Most locations have sports fields close by that require the use of the units on a regular basis. 

5. Why are the portable toilets still out during the slower summer months when there are no children playing sports?

The Portable toilets are available for all park users during the spring and summer months. Servicing is reduced in the slower summer months and some locations will go down to only two units during this time.

6. How do I request a portable toilet at a new location?

We are constantly taking feedback and suggestions, however, the locations for 2019 are set and more units cannot be added at this time. Please provide your feedback to

For questions that could not be answered with the information above, please contact Recreation and Parks at 780-418-6063 or

For questions regarding site specific locations, servicing, units being tipped or vandalized, or maintenance of the units please call Public Works at 780-459-1557.

Last edited: April 1, 2019

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