Take a journey on the Red Willow Trail System

The City of St. Albert has a beautiful trail system that winds throughout its lush landscape. Covering 99.5 kilometres, the system stretches down the river valley connecting to the city's major parks, neighbourhoods, and urban areas. Everyone can enjoy the trails by walking, cycling, in-line skating, or running.

Trail Map

Check out all the trails in the city with the trail map

Parks nearby the trails include Red Willow Park, Lacombe Lake Park, Lions Park, Kingswood Park, Big Lake, Riverlot 56 and the St. Albert Place Promenade.  

Trail Etiquette

Residents use the trails for all different types of activities, and with so many users, it is important to share the trail responsibly. Please follow the rules below so the trails can be safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Whether running, walking or biking the trails, please be courteous of others who are sharing the path and observe physical distancing of at least two metres from all users. Share these spaces responsibly and alert others to your presence by using your voice, bell or horn as appropriate.

Right of Way and yield

Keep to the right of the pathway except when passing or turning left, and move off the trail to the right when stopping. Yield to slower moving traffic: cyclists to pedestrians, joggers to walkers. Move off to the right side of the trail for less mobile users.


Using your bike’s bell is a simple and courteous way you can notify others on trails that you’re approaching. It is law in Alberta to have a horn or bell on a bike, and not having one can cost a cyclist $78 in fines.

Exercise Caution

Be aware of proper skating and braking techniques before going on the trails. Remain at a safe speed so you can quickly brake or stop if needed.

Remember to shoulder check and look behind you each time you turn or move out to pass, and always use your hand signals.

Share Responsibility

Trails provide opportunities for all. Lead by example and help teach each other proper trail etiquette.

Dogs On-Leash

The City of St. Albert is on-leash unless otherwise posted. Dog walkers must carry a leash at all times. Leashes must be used on or within one metre of trails in all areas, including off-leash.
Read more about our dog guidelines


Outdoor Ice Surface Safety

Many trails are located near rivers, lakes, ponds and stormwater management facilities (SWMF) throughout the city. The City of St. Albert cautions everyone to stay off these ice surfaces in the winter as they are unpredictable and not safe for any type of recreational activity.

Learn more about ice safety

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Last edited: April 25, 2023